About Us

Association of Career EducatorsThe Association of Career Educators (ACE) is a non-profit organization of individual leaders passionate about the process of career development.


As educators our mission is to use our expertise to support and promote successful creative life and career choices.

We believe we are all career educators as we share our career-life stories and listen to the stories of others. We believe we are in the collaborative process of creating successful futures for ourselves and others.


To create opportunities for people passionate about the processes of career development to gather, to network, share ideas and expertise, and collaborate in delivering programs and services.

To develop programs and services promoting communication about career development among

  1. youth (of elementary, secondary and post-secondary ages)
  2. adults (parents, newcomers, community, organizations, …)
  3. educators (teachers, counsellors, career practitioners, etc.)

To deliver programs and services to all three categories of clientele listed above.