ACE Services


The Association of Career Educators (ACE) presents workshops on education and career/life planning.  What information, steps in planning, websites, and activities do youth take to create their pathways to success?  Parents are the most important influence on their teen’s career planning.  Our workshops focus on helping parents to be well informed and skilled in their roles as career advisors.  We will tailor workshops to specific topics you request.  Our workshops provide positive, practical and interactive experiences for parents and teens.  We look forward to working for you.

Some of the most popular workshops we deliver include:

  1. How Teens Can Build their Career Pathways to Success. Clear planning steps starting with high school courses.  How to choose the best pathway: university, college, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, work, or combinations, informed choices on career goals with advice from futurists on new opportunities.  Options for further education and paying for it through scholarships, bursaries, OSAP and other sources.
  2. Teen Self-knowledge and Development.  Importance of identifying and developing strengths, natural talents, passions, values and interests.  Innovative self-assessment activities for building a confident personal profile. Making meaningful use of the Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) process.
  3. Work Opportunities. Practical information on pathways, future trends, most sought-after knowledge and skills, benefits, challenges, disadvantages and pitfalls.  Labour market information: learn about exciting new opportunities, skills shortages, skills mismatch, overcoming youth unemployment.
  4. Breaking into the Work World.  Networking, accessing allies, informational interviews, gaining work experience through cooperative education, SHSMs, technological courses, volunteering, part-time and summer jobs, and internships.
  5. Finances – How to Pay for Post-secondary Education.  How to apply for scholarships, bursaries, and grants. Sample applications and letters.  Building a portfolio of activities and achievements that will get recognition.
  6. Changing Role of Parents. Helping youth find their direction and their passion. Parents see and affirm; see and inform. Helping them to set goals and taking steps for achievement. Supporting the Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) process in Reinforcing responsibility and autonomy.  Dealing with stress.
  7. NEW!! Exponential Changes. What the futurists are predicting about emerging industries and the creation of billions of new jobs.  How to be “future looking” and aligning education and career plans with what is coming in fields like nanotechnology, 3D printing of everything from houses to human organs, genetic elimination of chronic diseases, green solutions for energy, and macrowikinomics.
  8. NEW!! Campus Vibez. Current students in colleges and universities show off the many dimensions of their student life with online videos at An inside look at academics, dorms, campus and student activities. Great way for teens to get excited and inspired about these pathways and to make informed choices. An introduction to the site of engaging short videos for teens and their parents.


In addition to the above workshops, the Association of Career Educators also offers the following services, workshops, and support to youth, parents, and educators.

For Youth:

  • Learning Skills and Work Habits
  • Individual and Group career counselling
  • Guiding Circles Career Development Program, K to 12*
  • Personality Dimensions workshops
  • Career Development Competencies for students based on current career development theory and practices
  • Character Development
  • Labour Market and Future Trends

For Parents:

Parent workshop/presentations:

  • Knowing your child
  • Respect for diversity
  • Setting goals
  • Understanding the learning skills on report card
  • Career/life planning process
  • Navigating the educational system – especially for newcomers

For Educators:

  • Personality Dimensions Level I Certificate Training
  • Career Counsellor Training: Guiding Circles, Constructivist Counselling
  • Counsellor training – Workshop on Career Development to school staff
  • Brain-based Behaviour and Learning
  • Tribes TLC training